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If Jacquie looks familiar, it may be because you caught her singing and dancing while wearing a Foghorn Leghorn prosthetic costume at Valencia's storied Six Flags Magic Mountain in the mid- 90's. Other rent-paying endeavors include working as Visual Effects Producer for Sony Picture Imageworks (where she was promoted relentlessly, despite her best efforts) on such movies as "Contact;" "Paulie:A Parrot's Tale;" "The Ninth Gate", "Stuart Little", "Stuart Little 2", "Spider-man", "Riding in Cars with Boys" and "The Haunted Mansion" and most recently, Ridley Scott's "Body of Lies".

In 2002 she was the Producer of Imageworks' first in-house animated short film :"The ChubbChubbs" which went on to win the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

If she sounds familiar, it's because you've heard her mellifluous tones in gobs of commercials and voice-overs, or possibly on your answering machine guilting you to come see her in the theater. She wrote and produced and starred in the theater production of "Jax of All Trades", a glorious celebration of her career in the arts, and her excavation of that rich vein of wealth, the American Stage. One reviewer of that particular production claimed that he would gladly listen to her read the phone book. Other roles on stage include Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" and Mary the Cop in the all female version of "The Odd Couple" on the hallowed boards of the Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. She also appeared as Dinah in “Steven Berkoff''s "Brighton Beach Scumbags" at the Lillian Theater in Hollywood opposite the legendary “Ron Bottitta”.

Jacquie is currently focusing her energy on her production company, "Reel Vox, Inc." She wrote and produced her first short film, 'Wear Something Nice” for which she was nominated for Best Actress at the 2005 Methodfest. Jacquie had the pleasure of working with Miguel Arteta in his film “The Good Girl” and Todd Phillips film “Old School.” Her voice over work with the Dreamworks Feature Animation group inspired a couple of key roles in “Shrek”, “Shrek2” and recently “Shrek The Third.” Her TV appearances include the last episode of the “The Practice", “The George Lopez Show", “Pepper Dennis”, “Vanished” and the last scene with Mandy Patinkin on "Criminal Minds".

Although 3 of the 5 shows were yanked from the airwaves shortly after Jacquie’s involvement, the Producers, her Manager and her Therapist have assured her that it was through no fault of hers. She has managed to overcome her guilt and managed to be cast in some substantial films in 2006, Oceans 13, The Great Buck Howard and Beowulf, all due out in 2007. 2008 starts off with a bang shooting Robert Zemeckis' remake of "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carey as Scrooge and the release of "Winged Creatures" with an all-star cast headed up by Forest Whitaker.

Ms. Barnbrook hopes her success will someday lead to her being cast as an angel in her Elementary School Christmas play, and not being, once again, forced into the role of the fucking Narrator.
















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